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Plush Chihuahua

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Chi Chi Dog

8 inches
Price: $5.49

Chihuahua Plush

It's a lifelike 12 inches nose to tail, with special care given to the Chihuahua's fawn and brown pattern.
Price: $18.95

Chihuahua Plush Stuffed Animal 10.5 Inch

Brie the cool Chihuahua is ready to pose in her removable green and black lacy dress and your little girl will enjoy hours of dress up fun with this unique Plush Stuffed Animal.
Price: $23.95

Chihuahua Plush Stuffed Animal 8 Inch

Chihuahua Plush Stuffed Animal 10.5 inch in your home. Pepito the Chocolate Plush Chihuahua adorably stands 10.5 inches tall and makes the perfect Stuffed Animal gift for all kids ages 18 to 24 months old and up.
Price: $10.95

Chihuahua Purse

The beige plush Chihuahua sits comfortably in the center of an oblong, leopard-print handbag, which has feminine pink accents.
Price: $19.95

Chihuahua Purse Couture

This couture cutie sparkles in a posh magenta purple leopard print purse that will thrill any little girl in your life. The Raquel Plush Chihuahua Stuffed Animal purse features 10 inches worth of space with long strap and zipper for convenience and durability.
Price: $29.95

Chihuahua Socks

A blend of 75% acrylic and 25% stretch nylon, our moisture absorbing white Chihuahua Socks display several colorful pups posing in full profile.
Price: $10.95

Douglas Keysha Chihuahua Furry Couture Purse

10 inches
Price: $25

Fancy Pals Chihuahua with Pet Carrier

8 inches
Price: $11.99

Manhattan Toy Waggles Spike Chihuahua

6 inches
Price: $11.99

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