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Aurora Vienna Dachshund Dog

8 inches
Price: $5.49

Black & Tan Dachshund Plush

This Black & Tan Doxie stuffed animal is irresistibly huggable, measuring a lifelike 16 inches in size.
Price: $23.95

Bocchetta Baccardi Plush Dachshund

A soft lifelike stuffed plush Dachshund created in the Bocchetta family tradition.
Price: $84.95

Dachshund Dog Giant Stuffed Animal

Here's a classic black-and-tan dachshund whose lifelike markings add to its realistic look. The top-quality construction and attention to detail extend from its stubby legs to its pointy snout.
Price: $19.99
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Dachshund Plush

This Dachshund Plush is approximately 12 inches long.
Price: $16.95

Dachshund Plush Stuffed Animal 8 Inch

Dachshund Plush Stuffed Animal 8 Inch
Price: $10.95

Dachshund Socks

These Doxie Socks because they are comfortably made from 75% acrylic and 25% stretch nylon, and covered in the image of a remarkable pooch, to boot!
Price: $10.95

Dachshund Socks

The Doxie socks are made for comfort from 75% acrylic and 25% stretch nylon. They are made to fit ladies size 9-11.
Price: $10.95

Dachshund Socks

With their 75% acrylic and 25% stretch nylon composition, these Doxie Indigo socks keep Dachshund lovers' feet warm and cozy.
Price: $10.95

Douglas Gretel Red Dachshund

Beautiful plush Dachshund stuffed animal from Douglas
Price: $14.95

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